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A new twist on an old favorite

Lists have been around for a while but they still dominate the web when it comes to shares and links. Community sites like Reddit, Quora, and Product Hunt have shown that crowds are great at filtering good content. Boombox has combined the two to turn your standard lists into an interactive powerhouse.

Reader votes are the 4th dimension

Now your readers have a voice that doesn’t get buried in your comments section. Not only can they upvote and downvote the items, their votes generate an additional list which can be compared and contrasted to your own published list.

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Get to know your audience

You’ll gather key insights from your audience about their tastes and preferences as you see them rank and re-order your lists. You’ll know just what to create to blow their minds with your next list.

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Upload your media

Images, videos, audio. Everything you need to showcase your content.

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Choose your list type

Number it, don’t, reverse order. We got you covered.

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Boombox lists allow us to present our content in a fresh, engaging way, plus it encourages users to interact directly with us by voting for their own preferences.

Embed & share your list with the world

Embedding Boombox lists is similar to embedding a YouTube video. Once it’s there, you can share it with the world.

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Share your lists with all the networks you love.

Track user reactions

Boombox dashboards allow you to see user engagement with your lists, giving you new, unparalleled insight into audience preferences.

Make it your own

Customize your quizzes to fit any style guide. Reduce or remove Boombox branding with one of our paid plans.

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Made for mobile

Lists are responsive off the shelf, and look beautiful on basically any device.

The thing I enjoyed most about using Boombox was how easy (and, in honesty, how fun) it was to use. The results look beautiful and are easy to share.