We are making the internet a more meaningful place – one engagement at a time.

Behind each engagement is a person with dreams, desires, stresses and strains. A person yearning for meaning, who fills every day with questions like: Who am I? How do I fit in? How do I compare with others? What headphones should I buy? Where should I eat dinner tonight?

People don’t feel fulfilled by meaningless experiences, and they definitely don’t share them. They share experiences that provide value, insight, fulfillment, utility, delight, and emotional connection – in other words, meaning. People recognize, and reward meaningful content.

Every interaction should aim to deliver on the promise of meaning. It must be reciprocal in nature. It must have heart. It must be honest. It must be remarkable. These are the threads woven into the fabric of every design decision we make. They permeate our vision and drive us on our mission to help the greatest content creators in the world create the most meaningful experiences on the web.

Boombox was created by the team at Movement, the makers of  Qzzr and Pollcaster.

We are a collective of talented entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, marketers, and geeks who value the lifelong relationships borne of a strong work culture.  We covet one another’s skill set.  We challenge each other to be better.  We wouldn’t do this with anyone else.

Our habitat

We are snuggled up in the beautiful mountains of Utah. All of this fresh air is good for the soul and helps us create pure awesomeness.

Come change the
internet with us